Report Incidents & Complaints

Nature of Problem Contacts

Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation

Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and violence

Title IX Coordinator

Terri LaBeaux

Office Support Title IX & DHR

Ellen G. Maloney Ruhe

Noncompliance with CSU or campus rules, including Whistleblower complaints

Waste, fraud, and abuse of State resources, Whistleblower complaints

Campus Whistleblower Administrator

Tom Poon

For More Information
Spills and discharges in Storm sewers, and other environmental hazards

Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Lyanh Luu
(510) 885-4138

Academic unfairness related to the grade received in a course

Academic Programs and Graduate Studies (APGS)

(510) 885-3716

For further information see also
Grade Appeal