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Nudge Team Leadership

Dr. Michael Ho is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado and cardiologist. He chairs the American Heart Association (AHA) outcomes research peer review committee and helped to create the performance measures for patients with myocardial infarction which has been adopted nationally. 

Dr. Sheana Bull is a Professor in the Community and Behavioral Health Department and the Director for the mHealth Impact Lab, both of which are in the Colorado School of Public Health. She has been investigating the efficacy of using mobile and digital solutions for health promotion and disease self-management since 1998, and has led research projects evaluating mHealth solutions using the Internet, social media, text messaging and most recently apps

Denver Health, Rocky Mountain Veteran's Association (VA), UCHealth, and the University of Colorado Denver are proud to participate in the Nudge Study.

Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

The Nudge Study ©2019

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